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Individual Therapy

Therapy is a valuable tool that can assist you with solving daily stressors. Individual therapy can assist you in achieving your goals in life and teach you ways to manage your stress. At Modern Insight Therapy, we want to help you.  

Group Therapy

Do you ever feel like you are the only person in the world being faced with challenges and difficult situations? Group Therapy is an option. With group therapy, you find out that you are not alone. In group therapy, you have a space to share your successes and challenges with others. 

Sex Therapy

Do you find yourself experiencing performance anxiety or difficulties speaking and achieving your sexual desires? Are you worried about what your partner(s) may think? Sex therapy can help individuals and couples treat sexual challenges and work through sexual difficulties while improving your quality of life. Let Modern Insight Therapy assist you in building a natural, healthy, and well-rounded sex life.


Teletherapy is through a live video connection with your therapist via the internet. It's a safe and secure method in which you will receive the same in-office experience but in the comfort of your home! 

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